Behind every challenge of feeling overwhelmed, facing “impossible” challenges, wanting to do better but feeling held back, challenge to increase profitability, loss of key personnel, difficulty in work relationships or rapid business growth, there is someone making decisions.

Ruuvand guides and supports people to create change in themselves for the benefit of the business or other organisation.  We enable people to lead themselves to results, for themselves and for their employers.  We are directing our resources to getting a better understanding of the needs of leaders from a minority ethnic heritage. We serve leaders and aspiring leaders in the Education sector leaders, alongside other individuals and corporate clients. Our ESG (Environmental Social & Governance) efforts are currently to support minority ethnic Community leaders and Health Service workers during the pandemic.

We have experience of:

  • Life coaching in Higher Education
  • Graduate employability coaching
  • Entrepreneur coaching
  • Visioning & strategy development
  • Facilitating conversations within teams and between individuals, including mediation
  • Training: Customer service excellence, Customer experience initiatives, Leadership and Management, Problem solving, Scenario planning, Personal effectiveness, Project Management, Business Strategy, Strategic thinking, Strategic Modelling – Scenario Planning and Soft Systems Methodology
  • Creating scenarios of the future for strategic management
  • Procurement change management

Joseph Ogbonna FRSA, is the Director of Ruuvand. He brings a substantial track record in coaching, advising and training executives, entrepreneurs, senior managers, consultancy and mentoring.  Joseph understands behaviours, customer service, strategy and scenario planning. As a strategist, he helps business owners, managers and individuals who want to be their best. They make better decisions which they actually follow through, devising strategies to improve results.

Joseph also consults on Strategy at Middlesex Business School.  He is as an experienced non-executive director with British Acupuncture Council BAcC, previously with Rich Mix, a thriving social business for arts and culture in East end of London. His first non-executive role was with Penrose where he also served as Chair.  Joseph works successfully across levels of organisations.

Joseph has a talent for listening, clear thinking, inspiring others to find solutions and a natural ability to see things from uncommon perspectives. He has a strong academic background with the advanced coaching CUG from CoachU, an MBA (Strategy), BSc (Psychology) and HNC (Housing).

Joseph Ogbonna brings empathy, humour and considerable business & life experience to his work, empowering clients to take control and make positive changes. His dedication to wholesomeness is expressed in incorporating breathing, mindfulness, martial arts and running into his work.

Joseph Ogbonna



Joan Ogbonna is a people development specialist. She works extensively with individuals, teams and organisations to envision their future, inspire personal responsibility and effect successful transformation and change.

As an effective speaker, facilitator and coach, Joan is successful at building relationships at all levels and at unleashing motivation, vision, talent and capability in order to achieve progress.

She is passionate about making change a positive experience, achieving customer service excellence, developing talent and releasing the potential in every individual.

Joan has a BA in English and an MSc in Information Systems and Technology from City University. She is CIPD and Level A & B qualified.

We are committed to valuing diversity and to caring for the environment.