Leadership strategy cards

Here is a sample of cards that can help all those leaders and aspiring leaders who are called or feel the need to be strategic with their teams, but think that strategic thinkers are born. In fact, strategic thinking can be learnt. You can learn strategic thinking by developing a discipline in practicing it.  Remember that what we practice well, we get better at. So, if you are clear that you are ready to invest effort in learning strategic thinking or you are just curious, then read on and learn by doing.  Strategic thinking is not a box to constrain, but a key tool in the Leadership toolbox.

What is strategic thinking anyway?

Thinking ahead – imagine early man’s first hunting expeditions when he had to aim his arrow not at the current position of a moving animal was but at its future position when the arrow arrived. This is similar to good footballers who view the whole field, then send the ball to the receiving team mate in motion.

Seeing the whole field – what else is in the bigger picture and where do you fit.

Asking what if? to see 'round the bend'.

Asking what now/next? to consider the consequences of actions.

Good Strategic thinking is definitely not linear and is not intended to produce a set plan. It opens up possibility in a world filled with fast-moving uncertainty.

Leadership teams that use the cards can enhance their collective strategic choices, planning and actions. The power of strategic thinking is in making choices today. Choices made with some awareness of how it might turn out and a heightened readiness to respond to change. Can you see how it improves the chances of success in our world? If you do, consider bringing these cards Leadership strategy cards into your team and individual meetings.