Champagne and glasses (Credit: pixabay/DariuszSankowski)

You, your values and your New Year resolution

It is that time again. Where do our New Year resolutions come from anyway? Perhaps from previous years’ un-achieved resolutions; from past challenges & conflicts. Or from pressures in our environment (including our neighbours’ new car, gadgets, …)? From dreams as yet un-realised; from incremental long terms goals previously set; anticipated work challenges;  feedback received from friends & family? How much does it matter, provided we keep the resolution?

Do we choose with an intention of keeping them or of trying? Experience shows that we are more motivated to easily remember and achieve what is really important to us (values). This is because the fuel/energy comes from within us and we do not unconsciously sabotage and apply the breaks.

So perhaps the 1st step is to take a quiet moment or 2 to confirm those 4 or 5 things that are really important to us, that when we have them we feel fulfilled & complete; without which we feel uneasy. Knowing these values enables us to test whether a new year resolution will run counter to anything that is really important to us. After all we want to succeed, do we not?