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Aligning yourself with your business

Align: to be in line with or in correct position.

The key benefit of aligning yourself to your business is that your life will be easier and simpler.  So you may ask are all business owners not aligned to their businesses when they themselves set the businesses up?  The short answer is “no”.

To ‘be in line with’ does not mean rigidity but is to be where you want to be, in a cooking pot with all the things that are important to you, your personal reality and your future focus.  It does not mean you live your business, but that you take all these matters, relationships, issues into consideration, naturally in making decisions and taking actions.  It is going for the long view and not the short term ‘grab of takings’.Continue reading

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5 questions to ask oneself when making major decisions

Here are my top five questions to ask oneself when making a major decision:

  1. What I think I should do?  Note the logical.
  2. What do I feel I should do?  Note the intuition, body knowledge, gut feeling.
  3. What do I wish I could do?  Note the constructive intelligence.
  4. What would I do if it were not impossible?  Note the expanded limits & possibilities.
  5. What decision will encompass all that I have noted above?

What are your thoughts? Do you use a process such as working through these five questions when making a major decision? Is there anything crucial you think I may have missed? If you’ve never taken this type of approach to reach clarity on some upcoming decision, perhaps give my five questions a go and let me know how this works for you!