A 360 degree mural (Credit: pixabay/Hermann)

Musings on my Blogging

I feel a need to blog more often but I am not, so I am wondering what this is about.  Granted, some of it is not having the time but that is because I have not prioritised and set aside the time for blogging.  So how come, if I feel the need?  Perhaps the need I have can be fulfilled by other media and deep down I feel blogging is therefore not that important for me.  This would explain the lower ranking on my list of priorities.

However, if I step back and think of my long terms aims, I may have to re-order that list.  My calling is to reach people where they are and help them to realise that more is always possible than we first think and that taking action or attempting something is often all it takes to unlock potential.  I am getting the daily opportunity to speak with people and follow this calling.  In fact, I started blogging in order to raise my web profile. This is the first time I have considered it as serving my calling.

Perhaps I am being content with less that the best that I can be. Blogging in addition to my face-to-face contact will reach more people and so serve me better as an alternative medium of communication.