The Who Are You Podcast #18 – Loosen the Grip of the Past

The "Who Are You" Podcast
The Who Are You Podcast #18 - Loosen the Grip of the Past

A writer in “The Weekend” said the joker in the Batman movies is his favourite character because you didn’t know his past but you knew his plans.  As you watched him, I felt I only knew his present and could only guess at his plans.

For most of us, our past is dominant in our present and our future – people often know what they don’t want better than what they want.  Your past is important but what in it has a grip on you and won’t let go?  Do you even know when it started? Was it an action, event or a word which you decided what its meaning and intention? How much do the answer matter?

Perhaps a commitment to something outside yourself could give perspective and direct your energies towards the future.  Could this loosen the grip of the past on you? Try it to find out and share your learning with us, here.



Look, if you feel you must explore the past to loosen the grip, perhaps you and I could discuss your beliefs about this grip.  Tell me by email on this website and we’ll arrange it.

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